Our Services

Custom Sawmilling

King’s Sawmilling offers custom sawmilling at your own location! Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we come to you to get the job done. Our team is courteous, clean, and efficient every step of the way.  

Our portable sawmill has many capabilities and can cut your logs or trees into lumber easily. Offering year round service, you can have lumber you need to pursue your business or hobbies in furniture, crafts, building, or more. 


Tree Removal

Our team is here to help you cut down the unwanted trees on your property. What you do with the lumber is then up to you. You can decide to remove everything or have the wood cut down into lumber or firewood. 

Make the hassle of tree removal easy with King’s Sawmilling. Our services are availalble throughout every season so connect with us today!

Firewood Processing

Utilizing the trees and logs on your property for firewood can be simple. King’s Sawmilling comes to your location to cut, split, and stack firewood so you don’t have to. 

Whether it’s for a summer campfire or for a winter heatsource, our services are year round. Let’s work together!